Youth Coaching Program Goals

Our youth coaching programs support the growth of second-generation immigrant and third-culture youth as responsible, globally aware, and connected future leaders. Our coaches are all third culture professionals and leaders. This enables us to work with our youth to help them develop as third culture citizens and leaders who are able to traverse and get the best of two or more cultures, and balance moral values and/or spirituality with relationship, academic, and professional success. We achieve our transformation goals, through a combination of one-on-one and group coaching services.

One-on-One Youth Coaching

Our one-on-one service involves weekly one-on-one coaching sessions for the youth participant with our youth coaches to identify and address challenges and identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and development. For minor participants, our service includes monthly check-ins with parents to ensure alignment on supporting and empowering their sons and daughters.

Youth Group

Group Youth Coaching

Our goal-driven group sessions address areas of common developmental needs. Participants will benefit from coaching and being coached by each other as well as our Master Coach. Our Group Youth Coaching are separated by educational levels: middle school, high school, college, and fresh graduates. Please click here to contact us and ask about our upcoming group youth coaching cohorts.

Meet Our Youth Coach

Akram Abbadi is our Master Youth and Nonprofit Coach. He is a recent Economics Graduate, with about 8 years of work experience. Akram has exceptional leadership, management, mentoring, coaching, communication, and analytical capabilities. He features a successful track record of stakeholder engagement and community service and leadership.
Akram is currently COO, Healthy Habits Coach, and Mentor at Crowned Scholars, a nonprofit organization based in DFW and focused on developing middle-school African American boys. Akram has also been selected as a member at a couple of City of Arlington citizen committees/boards.
During his undergraduate years at the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), Akram was the UTA NAACP Programs and Research Chair for a year, its President for two years, and the Youth & College Assistant Treasurer of the Texas NAACP for one year. Akram was also the UTA Chief Justice during his last year of school and a Senator at the Student Governance earlier.           
Akram graduated in 2021 with Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from UTA with a 3.87 G.P.A. with Magna Cum Laude. He was on the College of Business Honor Roll, and Dean’s List. In addition, he was awarded the Economics Departmental Scholarship and the Sorensen Student Leadership Award.