Since I launched my startup last year, my social media and email have been seeing much more activity from digital marketing agencies and coaches of coaches than clients or friends. Most of these businesses are startups themselves who are in the business of serving other startups. And pretty much all of them are using digital technology to sell digital technology-based services. The DIGITAL AGE has arrived if you haven’t noticed! And it’s making a great deal of data and very sophisticated technology available to the average person. So launching a new business is seeming simpler and simpler but is success also going to be much easier for the new entrants or incumbents?

I have been taking much of these online ads and marketing material pretty seriously, but deciding whether I need any of these services and picking a provider has been a real struggle on multiple levels:

Digital technology provides businesses and the larger economy with access to unlimited amounts of data and communication and analytic tools. But since digitalization is at the fingertips of most (if not all) professionals and businesses, differentiating our offerings has become very challenging. This is especially the case for startups that are still working on building their brands. When it comes to doing business, I believe that digitalization will only succeed when it enhances the human experience rather than fully replace it.