Leadership Development

New leadership roles, bigger responsibilities, and larger teams pressure leaders to elevate their leadership impact in new ways. You may also feel that the sustainability of your business is being challenged by major disruptions including energy transitions/ESG, digitalization, and COVID19. We use a combination of our customized group coaching and one-on-one leadership coaching programs to partner with you on taking your success as leaders to the next level. Our leadership development philosophy is based on balancing professional and personal growth. Another important balance to keep is between the operational, tactical, and strategic roles of leadership. We’ll also make sure to hold you accountable for balancing the people and financial priorities of business leadership. We leverage a combination of well-established and proprietary leadership assessment and leadership development tools and models. In addition, leaders in the oil and gas industry and the larger energy sector benefit from our industry expertise to navigate the historic energy transition.

Leadership Team Building

Misalignment within your leadership teams can be most detrimental to the success of your organization. Our custom-made group coaching programs are designed in collaboration with you as the top executive to help establish alignment around organizational visions and strategic goals and build successful teams. Our programs also focus on identifying and differences in communication and leadership styles that prevent leaders from performing as a cohesive team. Our practical individual and group exercises challenge participants to develop healthier relationships and address the real leadership challenges for their organizations as a single team. Another important differentiator of our leadership team building service is post-program follow-up to assess progress toward the goals of leadership teams and make recommendations on the way forward.