Executive Coaching

The global business landscape is being reshaped by major disruptions including energy transitions and sustainability/ESG imperatives, climate change, COVID19-related shifts, and digitalization. Your organization could also be affected by local and sectoral shifts and uncertainties. As a top or senior leader, you probably have already formulated a transformational vision to take the growth of your team or organization to a very different level. The real challenge is to articulate your vision and rally your people around it so you can all get going on making it a reality pretty soon. During our one-on-one executive coaching sessions, we will work together on effective vision articulation, stakeholder engagement, and change management. Our results-oriented executive coaching also involves supporting top executives with setting up their organizations or teams for high quality execution. We do all of this in a holistic approach that balances your personal, professional, and business growth.

Business Coaching

As a small or mid-sized business owner or leader, you are faced with unique transformational challenges at each and every phase in the business lifecycle. As your business coach, we work with you during our one-on-one sessions to assess where your business is in its journey and run an overall business health check. For new businesses or new offerings, we use our signature iLaunch model for building successful businesses. In more advanced phases, we focus on achieving functional excellence to set up your business for realizing its commercial and financial goals. While doing this we won’t forget about you because balancing your personal and professional growth is the most critical foundation for your success.

Mid-Career Transition Coaching

It’s not uncommon for mid-career professionals to reconsider what they want to do when they grow up! If this is you, congratulations on giving yourself this great opportunity to find fulfillment and expand your impact in new ways. As your partner through this personal and professional transformational journey, we are excited about exploring new growth paths with you. Leveraging our signature PiVOT mid-career transition model, we make sure you take the time during our one-on-one coaching sessions to reconnect with yourself to address questions about who you are and why you do what you do. Together, we get creative about matching your desires, aspirations, and transferrable skill sets with real growth opportunities. And our holistic approach provides the foundation for creating your most fulfilling experience on the personal, social, and professional fronts.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching programs, are customized to address the development needs of group coaching cohorts identified by their top leaders. We team up with leaders to design and deliver unique programs that are aligned with organizational visions and priorities. Our clients have relied on us to support program participants with a combination of business and professional growth goals including: career growth, team building, leadership development, strategic thinking, planning, DEI strategy, board of directors’ operation, communication, executive presence, professional growth in the energy industry, and energy transitions/ESG strategy development.