Strategic Consulting

Energy Transitions Strategy Development

As energy industry veterans, subject matter experts and speakers, our founder, Hind Farag and her consulting associates partner with clients to perform industry assessments and develop winning energy transitions/ESG strategies. We work with clients across the energy sector value chain including the oil and gas, utility, power & renewables, and other alternative energy segments. We start by performing thorough industry assessments for our clients. The combination of our qualitative and quantitative analysis allows us to identify opportunities for growth that form the foundation for the development of strategic transitions scenarios for our clients. We are unique in our ability to incorporate the supply and demand fundamentals of energy commodities and technologies into our strategic thinking. Leveraging a number of proprietary and well-established strategic planning tools, we are able to customize the outcomes of our studies to meaningful and actionable deliverables and recommendations.

Business Strategy Development

As your partner in orchestrating successful transformations, we work with you to prepare your organization to deliver on your most ambitious vision, both efficiently and effectively. Our unique approach typically starts with well-designed internal stakeholder engagement processes, business function health checks, and workflow mapping. We then work with you to establish alignment around the way forward through strategic plans and roadmaps that are readily applicable and results-driven. Our consulting also includes cultural transformation and structural reorganization planning support. Our actionable recommendations challenge leaders to develop and implement strategies that maximize the growth potential of their organizations.

Cultural and Structural Transformation

To empower leaders with what they need to realize their transformational visions and strategies, we design and conduct stakeholder engagement processes to ensure overall alignment around the way forward. Our stakeholder engagement processes also form the foundation for business and functional health checks. Health checks aid us in making cultural and structural recommendations to support the transformation of the business. In supporting organizational restructuring, we work with clients to revisit and redesign leadership roles and team structures. Our leadership and technical expertise in the energy sector and consulting experience in other complex sectors comes handy in balancing the technical, people, and financial realities of organizations when making organizational development recommendations.